vegetable breakfast
egg any style

Our Approach

Our Vision are giving an experience for culinary - coffee - and winery.

Our compaq place are accommodate 24 seaters air conditioning non smoking  restaurant. Meanwhile we also provide open air area for smokers .

The property are covered high speed internet 25 MBPS suites your business requirement.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. We are established in 2014 and our passion led to the creation of something new. We are develop our small warring in to something more with the coffee shop - coworking space - winery - cooking class.

Meet the Team

Our Team are very cheerful and dedicated themselves to deliver the services . The experience not only the taste but the smile you had during your visit to our warung.

pakde dana

Made Dana


Hi I am passionate about delivering the services and interacting with our customer and talk to me if you are need anything.




Hello I am newbie in the business and I love to meet new people and share the laugh. Always love to welcome you at Warung Samaja.

ajik witara

Bagus Witara


Yep..if it smell great you can wonder what the cheff has been cooking. Would love to cook and share the knowledge. meet me in the cooking class or around my kitchen.

Make appointment

Feeling the vibe and make your reservation to safe the table for you.