Coffee Shop

Because every Good morning start with a good coffee. We are here to serve the good morning for you. Name the good coffee and we will help you to have a good morning.

High Speed Internet

What's another places promise and this is our fact being the one and only in the area with this services. We are provide super speed at 25 MBPS dedicated internet for you.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Don't think twice if you like experience holiday with balinese culinary .

Its recipe to bring home and practice from the holiday islands.


When it come to the money it cost you a penny

Our services are delivering the experiences among seminyak area. We are offering affordable high speed internet, best coffee, yummy food of five stars hotels in 2 stars pricing.

Come visit and rates us for real.

Compaq place

The property site are compaq and not pretentious among the area. Property are established in 2014 and renovated in 5th August 2018. The property now are equipped with air conditioning for better comfort for our customer.

Its a good place to chat about business and even to do small meeting with super steady high speed internet connection .


Book your table

Make your reservation and taste the food - coffee - wine from the islands. Not only food but bring the recipe home.